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For Your Information regarding EDTA Oral Chelation

We sell only 100% pure Calcium EDTA in powder form without any additional herbs, vitamins or minerals added to it containing 1000 mg. (1 gram) EDTA per 1/4 teaspoon. We believe it is more effective to take the EDTA by itself so it can do its job of removing heavy metals, calcium, plaque etc. without losing it's potency to clean the arterial system by attracting and trapping other minerals and substances mixed in with it. The EDTA will help restore bone density to those suffering from osteoporosis.

We offer the most cost effective way of obtaining EDTA as the few other firms out there marketing EDTA do so by mixing in EDTA with other substances and the amount of EDTA you receive is in smaller amounts, (from 125 mg./day to 800 mg./day). These other companies, sell their oral chelation products with a price ranging in cost from $35.00/month to $210.00/month.

EDTA from Diversified Services in our 60-day supply bottle costs $25.00/bottle which equals $12.50/month. A case of 12 bottles, ($300) which gives 2 people a yearly supply, saves you an additional 20% quantity discount of $60.00. $300/case - a $60 discount = $240/case, bringing the monthly cost to $10/month per person or $20 for a 60-day supply. Shipping is $5 per order for 1-5 Bottles, and $7, for 6-12 Bottles of EDTA Oral Chelation.
We ship to you via USPS Priority Mail and Money Orders, Visa & MasterCard are acceptable forms of payment.

International Orders - Visa & MasterCard as well as International Postal Money Orders are acceptable forms of payment. Shipping/Insurance via USPS Express Mail please add $US 23.00 for 1-5 Bottles and $US 28.00 for 6-12 Bottles to your order.

Dr. Garry Gordon, considered by many as the "father of Chelation Therapy" has recommended 1200 mg. Calcium, 600 mg. Magnesium, 30 mg. Zinc and 200 mg. of vitamin B6/day as a baseline for those doing any chelation therapy in addition to your normal nutritional supplement intake.

If you are taking Oral EDTA, it is important to supplement your diet with additional minerals.

If you are taking Oral EDTA, it is also important to supplement your diet with 200 mg. of B6 per day. This will help prevent future kidney stones. You can take B6 by itself, or take the whole vitamin B-Complex which has the other B-vitamins in similar balanced amounts.

EDTA is a superior blood thinner over Coumadin or Aspirin and you do not run the risks of bleeding or developing ulcers as with Coumadin or Aspirin.

Pregnant/Lactating women and people with kidney disease in general are normally not considered candidates for EDTA chelation and should consult with their healthcare practitioner before considering such.

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